Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Woodland pillows

Here are the fruits of my labor (for the last 2 days) for a few of the upcoming shows. I wanted to do a "Woodland" series and right now I'm happy with the way they have turned out. Of course I do look now and think I should have done this or next time I will do that. But as far as I know I can make more, right?

I was getting all hyped up and excited about the show ( October 31st the East Academy Fall Fest & Craft Fair at Eastwood Christian Church on Eastland Ave.)
this Saturday but it looks like rain :(
It isn't a huge event but one of the fun ones here in my neighborhood. I always enjoy neighborhood shows, they are so much easier and I usually see my peeps. I'll keep my fingers crossed we still have a few more days for the weather to change. The other bummer is I just found out one of the December events I do each year is now a one day event instead of 3 days. So I will be looking to add a couple of more events. If you know of something that's local and good let me know.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Peek a boo

Here is a work in progress...cutie hooties for the show this week end. I always like to see others
WIP so thought I'd share these cuties with you. Did you know a group of owls are called a "stare of owls"? Now you know! Anyone else hearing that Geico commercial song in their head right now?

Friday, October 23, 2009

A few other new things

I don't think I have shown you the Babushka doll or the embroidery tea cups. This year I have been stretching some of my creative muscles and challenged myself to do "something different".
Ta da....embroidery! My grandmother was a champ at anything that involved needle and thread
(hand sewn not machine). Now I wish I'd paid more attention, I think I was just too impatient.
I have enjoyed hand stitching more than I would have ever thought. The nicest thing about it is that it is a portable craft. It gives me something besides my pad and pencils to take along. I have purchased this adorable pattern from Follow the White Bunny. The bed holds so many possibilities!
I encourage you to visit her flickr site as well. Of course Sublime Stitching has an awesome selection of patterns too. For the lessons and video stitch guide go here.

The babushka doll has already sold, but I do plan to do some more. I need to tweak her a little more. I also have another shadowbox idea that I hope to do soon. So many ideas and only 24 hours to each day.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here for your viewing pleasure are the new owl shadowboxes. If anyone has any tips on photographing shadowboxes please let me know. I tried taking the pictures in the living room bookcase, on the front porch, on the kitchen cabinet and the dining room window seat. I'm really not happy with any of the shots but here are the best ones. Believe me when I say the pictures do not do them any justice.

However if you would like to see them in person, you will have your chance and the first opportunity to buy this Halloween. Yes, I do have an event October 31st the East Academy Fall Fest & Craft Fair. The Fair will be held here in the hood at Eastwood Christian Church on Eastland Ave.

I did get some great news yesterday...I was accepted as a vendor for the upcoming 1st annual Handmade in the Arcade Craft Fair! More on that later. Right now I have a pile of stuffing and a mountain of pillows calling me to create.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

German town Street Festival

Last week end was the German town Street Festival and here are some pictures of all the crafty goodness. The photos are courtesy of my favorite artist and friend Jodi Reeves. Jodi was attending as a patron not a vendor! However she did assist in setting up my booth and did some interviews with other crafters as well as taking over 100 photos. I'm sure you will be seeing more of the festival on her blog.

The pillows are something new for me and I have been having a lot if fun with them. The pillows are like little pieces of art with so many possibilities. It's easy to get carried away, for example the flower power pillow. I'm not sure I will ever make another, it was so tedious. That flower has 50 hand cut, hand sewn petals! I'd keep it myself but alas I have Boris (destructor of pillows) and Thomas the cat...the pillow would never last in my home. However the "Woodland" series is pulling me into the world of forest creatures, mushrooms, trees and flowers. I'm loving the burlap and suede combination.

Hopefully I will have another event soon, I'll know by next week end. Meanwhile you may find me locally at Art & Invention here in the hood...East Nashville on Woodland across from the post office near 5 points.