Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Bag Design

Here is the new handbag style. It's something that I worked on for awhile, I know it looks simple enough but it took me awhile to get it just right. After doing 5 of these babes the bias is looking much better. not that it was terrible before. But the process is much smoother and less time consuming then at first.

Now I am on to some comp book covers. They are fun and easy, I need a brain break before I start another "new" project. I do have another handbag style coming soon. It's actually a draft from the new Vandie bag that didn't work out. I wanted a bag with a pleated top and I think this is the one!

Hopefully more aprons are on the way as well! Lots of ideas in my head that need to be created!

If you are in the East Nashville area next Sunday Sept 7th stop by the Lipstick Lounge on Woodland for the CRAFT event and say HI. You will be able to see the new Vandie bag as well as the new Sweet Tweets.

For those not in the area I am listing in my etsy shop as well.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation

My few weeks off turned into a couple of months! I feel like I need to start the blog post with
"What I did on my summer vacation". Well I've had visits from both my girls that live in FLA. and an extended visit from Amber my beautiful grand daughter. I went to visit my other daughter in MO and see the new grand baby! That was the highlight of the summer :) The rest of the time has been spent enjoying the last lazy days of summer. It seems like several other creators I caught a bad case of the nothingness. However now I am back with all these ideas and random thoughts in my head and a need to create. I guess it may have something to do with 2 shows in September and another 2 scheduled for October????

The new bag has finally came into being so to say...let me know your thoughts. I wanted to offer another style besides the every popular Nashville bag or Tote bag. I'm pretty pleased with the result, it has been tweaked many times. Any special suggestions on sewing the bias strap? Mine is okay but far from stellar. DO you guys buy the ready made or make your own? I did my own but wonder if it's truly worth the effort unless I use "special" fabric?

The birdies are something I've had in my head for awhile another project that came into being! You may find a similar bird pattern to download here
I used 20 gauge wire for the frame, a branch for the perch and added scrape book paper for the flowers. The orange one has fabric flowers from this site
plus a felt leaf! I'm calling them "Sweet Tweets".
I think one of the reasons I love them so (besides the fact I love everything birds) is that I now can have a bird. With the other animals (Boris, Dixie, Gracie and Sir Thomas) in the house a bird is not an option right now.

Okay you're caught up for the moment now I need to get in gear and make some more of the bags. Pictures forth coming.....