Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mama's got a new bag

I wanted to share this new bag I created last week. I really do like the size as I am more of a bigger bag kind of girl. I wish I could do a one strap on this bag instead of the two. I have tried one strap with this design but the center will fold in and it messes up the shape. My favorite part is the center panel with the Russian nesting dolls, too cute! I do have more of this fabric and am listening very closely to what it wants to be turned into??? I'm so sure it will be a bag, but not sure of what kind?? I have been wanting to try a messenger bag, this very well may be the inspiration.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boris is a 120 pound baby

I don't know if you have any pets in your home, but we have 3 dogs, 1 cat and a small fish tank. Right now I am having behavior issues with the baby Boris. Boris is a 13 month old American Bulldog that currently weights about 120 (weight is unsure as when we weight him he tends to lean against the side of the wall). Anywho, recently Boris has taken to biting my feet, ankles, legs etc especially in the morning when I am on the phone. He also has begun to go into the bathroom and open the trash can pulling out the trash to chew on. While I am cleaning the trash mess (which thankfully isn't much) he will pull out the bathroom rug to chew/play with then the towels. Okay I'll just close the bathroom door...problem solved (when I remember to do so). Well then Boris will find amusement in the laundry room, again with the small trash can (mostly discarded fabric sheets and lint) and pulling towels and clothes out to chew/play with. Alright then lets keep the laundry room door closed. Then Boris is off to the kitchen...he can't get into the trash can but will pull any towels down and chew the corner of the dining room rug,pillows in the living room and living room rug. This has been my routine for several weeks now! Oh I almost forgot about the chair arm that now is destroyed. What gives?? He has an abundance of toys, he goes outside whenever he wants. This is driving me crazy and to top it all off when daddy gets home Boris ever so innocent will park his big butt on the living room ottoman and just lay there! What can I do? Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. Just for the record I will not hit Boris I only tell him "wrong", "drop it" and give him something he may chew on. I have to laugh as I type this but it's getting old and I'm tired of this game. HELP!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nashville Etsy Street Team

We have just had our first Nashville Etsy Street Team meeting this past Saturday with about 15 members present. This is very exciting! I have been on etsy since about November 2007 and honestly haven't had a lot of luck. So I am all eyes and ears to learn "how to" create a better shop and help some of my crafters along the way. Whats etsy you say? What? You have never been to the land of all things created by hand? As soon as you finish reading this go to the etsy side bar and shop! Be sure to go to the Nashville my space @ We also have a flickr account @ /

Be prepared for some major eye candy from this talented group. I'm thinking we all are looking for that special valentine gift for that special somebody. What could be better than a one of a kind item handmade item? I know I have seem several things I would like for myself. Let's go shopping!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My place in cyper space

Thanks to all of you with those beautiful, witty and informative blogs I have joined the club. Yes, this is my attempt at blogging. I design and create mostly one of a kind handbags, aprons and other little accessories. After 20+ years in retail (former District Manager) I have taken the plunge to jump full time into the crafting world. My very first show was last September and it was love at first sight. Since then I have done another 8 shows, so I had been bit by the crafty bug. The support and inspiration of other talented artisans motivated me to start a myspace page and an etsy shop

I'm not sure where this blog will go or if it will be read by anyone outside of friends and family, just bear with me and we'll grow together.