Monday, November 24, 2008

I live in my jammies somedays

Whew, what a weekend! I am actually kind of glad for the cold rainy day today as I have an excuse to stay in my jammies. I thought I could be real low key and no one would ever be the wiser to this fact....hmmm WRONG! First my pal Jodi dropped by, that is no biggie as she is more like family than company. But while we sat on the porch (again it's 1:00 pm and I'm in jammies and a polar bear robe) the mailman came and my next door neighbor pulled up. I was so busted! Now you know and a few of the neighbors know that I may or may not get dressed by noon. I consider that one of the perks of the stay at home creator.

The Centennial Holiday Show was a great success for me being the highest $$$ event of the year. If you are considering this event I must say it is very very organized and everyone was extremely polite. Some of the perks were the teachers lounge that provided snacks and a quite place for the vendors, also the students and volunteers came around several times each hour to check to see if we needed anything from the concession booth or would watch the booth if we needed a break. They also provide unloading/loading assistance (for a fee).
I would give this event 4 out of 5 stars. Several returning vendors did say they did about half of what they did last year. The economy is effecting businesses at all levels, which makes it hard to judge events. This is a show I would probably do again next year. I do plan on cutting back on the events next year and be selective, and put focus on local shops and etsy.

Here are some pictures of the "indoor" set up. Note the fixture behind the tables with the aprons hanging? That's the result of several emails and pics from Erika of Kitsch Designs. It was a life saver and now I see many possibilities with this fixture. Erika did stop by the show and gave the thumbs up on the fixture and adopted a owl to take home. Thanks so much Erika!

I have three more times to show this year and then I will be done! A big part of me wishes it was over, I can't go to the shows in my jammies you know.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Centennial Holiday Show

The last big show of the year is this Saturday and Sunday. Whew! I have made a few new goodies....sweet tweets, peeps, aprons and owl shadow boxes. Here is a little preview.
As said in last post I am nervous about this event so send all your good vibes my way this week end. I did get some support from Erika of Kitsch Designs about indoor set up, thanks so much! If you don't know Erika I urge you to check out her sites, she uses vintage fabric to create the coolest things. Plus she is a super duper nice person.

Several of you have inquired about the owl shadow boxes and want to know when they will be available in the store. At this time I'm holding off on until after the events. My last show will be December 19th at Cummins Station downtown Nashville. I did this event last year and really enjoyed it. It is a little different from most events as it is held the first three Fridays in December from 11:00-4:00 in the afternoon. Mostly the employees of the various businesses and the lunch crowd are the customers, but they are very supportive.

Hope to see you this weekend :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to me...

Yes, it's my birthday today! Actually we are pretty low key on adult birthdays around here, all relatives are out of town. But I did met my friend Jodi for a afternoon birthday tea celebration. One of the other perks of sharing a booth space is that the other person knows what you like and "gets you". So...I got all kinds of goodies from her! First all the goodies were placed in one of her famous "Trash totes" and let me tell you they hold a ton of stuff. I also received the matching pouch. Inside where two of my favorite Creative Jar pieces, personal art card and look at the all time best ever....the birdie tree! The little birdies are old French dictionary pages, I was with Jodi when she purchased the dictionary. I wish you could see the detail, it's stunning!

My husband got me the Wii Fit on my request. I have dropped a few pounds this year nothing major but at least going in the right direction. I know I need to get moving and active so we'll see. I'll have to update you later.

It's my birthday so I'm going to take it easy today and relax, because the other gift is that my wonderful husband is doing the cleaning this week end, bliss.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tweets and peeps

See the flock of birdies? I wish I could keep them all...they do look happy in the window don't you think? I know if I left the room they would be in the floor, in Boris mouth or the cat would do a snatch and run, certain disaster for the sweet tweets.

I have ten new additions in the tweets and four new peeps. They will be at the Centennial Holiday Show next week end. I will share with you that I am a little nervous about this up coming event (more than usual). I heard it was "impossible" to get in, I sent my and Jodi's application in at the last minute and we were selected! Then I get this humongous vendor pack in the mail, I mean it was seriously six pages of very detailed information. The main thing was the "Jury Sheet", they come around and judge your booth on six categories. The categories range from craftsmanship to crowd appeal to display. Based on the resulting scores you may or may not be invited back. The main concern for me is the booth display.
With this being an inside event and no tent I have my challenges. I cannot hang my aprons on the clothesline as I normally do. It also seems like a 10x10 area shrinks inside. I know it's the same space but outside it seems larger? Does anyone have any ideas?

Jodi and I have shared booth space for most of the events this year and we are bursting at the seams. It's somewhat bitter sweet for both of us. On one hand out growing the space means we are building our inventory and have more to offer than ever. Sharing also helps with the booth fee costs, but mostly it's the companionship and time spent with a friend.
We both know next year we may not be able to share a booth. As I said bitter sweet.