Friday, March 7, 2008

First Spring Show

Hello to all, so sorry for the delay in between posts. As most of you know I have been busy creating for the first show of the year with very little computer time. But the creating certainly paid off with one of the best shows ever! The best part was meeting several wonderful ladies that knew my work and had visited the blog. Ann and Betty if you're reading this yes I'm talking about you, you guys really made my day. The Nashville bag is a big hit and will be a large part of Spring/Summer events, yep more to come. The weather was also a plus bringing the community out to visit, it was a mini festival.

I'm happy that I can now share a secret, I have been in collaboration with my good friend Jodi Reeves of The Creative Jar and together we have created Par Deux Meres hand painted handbags for you. We are in the baby stages right now but already sold our first bag "The Woman bag". We are currently working on our site but let me assure you that more is to come. We will have more Par Deux Meres bags at the April 6th CRAFT event in East Nashville. You must see these works of art in person, so come out and take a peek and say "hi".


Jennifer Paganelli said...

Good well if you don't mind I'll highlight the bags next week they are so terrific...Jennifer

Kim said...

No problem Jennifer, you have been such a huge inspiration for me and I would be honored. Thank you, Kim

siam said...

Such a fun, unique purse, kim!
I found you on Flickr and had to check out your blog. Your life sounds so exciting and interesting!!