Monday, May 19, 2008


A big part of the events and shows is the booth set up. I am always changing and on the look out for that "perfect" object that will highlight my creations and bring attention to the booth. And sometimes I find the "perfect" object but will it fit into my car? Yes I put everything into my 1991 525I BMW. I know I need a larger vehicle but it's got to be the right one if you know what I mean.That may be a whole other blog as I have been on the look out.

We have a local retail fixture store that is a hit or miss sort of deal, and the prices are usually more than I want to pay. But if you dare venture into the back and look real hard sometimes you will find that diamond in the rough. This was the case several weeks ago shopping for a replacement for Matilda (shh, don't let her know). For those that do not know Matilda she is an iron female stand that models the aprons for pictures and events. Matilda has several issues...for one she is hard to get into my car, I have her on the front passengers side sort of sideways. If she had a head it would be on my shoulder as I drive. Number two issue is that she has fell several times and broken her neck, hence the decorative flower arrangement on top. So I was really in the market for a half form that was flexible for table top or free standing. Have you priced these things recently? Whew, they are not cheap! But way in the back I found Lucy, at first glance she doesn't seem like much. I actually passed on the deal at first, she has more issues than Matilda. But my friend Jodi Reeves of The Creative Jar was inspired and convinced me to go back and get Lucy. Jodi promised a play date to fix her up....she is a woman of vision!

Armed with Jodi's collection of vintage magazines, letters, sheet music, mod podge and other goodies we began the Lucy makeover. Well what can I say? I LOVE LUCY!!! And big huge thanks to Jodi for her vision and contribution of vintage papers. The whole process was so much fun...even the sticky fingers. The best part was finding these words, sayings and ads and choosing careful placement. Lucy is a good read, if you know where to look :)

I will take some action shots of Lucy and the booth next week at the Blues Festival. If you have any booth ideas or tricks please share and I always look forward to comments.


The Creative JAR said...

she is beautiful! had so much fun!

KB said...

Great find! Your decoration makes it all the more awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love Lucy too! You and Jodi did a terrific job on her.