Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tweets and peeps

See the flock of birdies? I wish I could keep them all...they do look happy in the window don't you think? I know if I left the room they would be in the floor, in Boris mouth or the cat would do a snatch and run, certain disaster for the sweet tweets.

I have ten new additions in the tweets and four new peeps. They will be at the Centennial Holiday Show next week end. I will share with you that I am a little nervous about this up coming event (more than usual). I heard it was "impossible" to get in, I sent my and Jodi's application in at the last minute and we were selected! Then I get this humongous vendor pack in the mail, I mean it was seriously six pages of very detailed information. The main thing was the "Jury Sheet", they come around and judge your booth on six categories. The categories range from craftsmanship to crowd appeal to display. Based on the resulting scores you may or may not be invited back. The main concern for me is the booth display.
With this being an inside event and no tent I have my challenges. I cannot hang my aprons on the clothesline as I normally do. It also seems like a 10x10 area shrinks inside. I know it's the same space but outside it seems larger? Does anyone have any ideas?

Jodi and I have shared booth space for most of the events this year and we are bursting at the seams. It's somewhat bitter sweet for both of us. On one hand out growing the space means we are building our inventory and have more to offer than ever. Sharing also helps with the booth fee costs, but mostly it's the companionship and time spent with a friend.
We both know next year we may not be able to share a booth. As I said bitter sweet.


The Creative JAR said...

Love the birdies!
We will just have to have more play dates!

Wicked MoXie said...

I love the bottom picture with the birds lining the two windows. It looks like a very unique window treatment (like something rachel ray or oprah would feature in their zines.) :)

Good luck with the show!!

Kim said...
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KB said...

Beautiful birdies!

KB said...

Beautiful birdies!