Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forgive me readers, it's been over 2 months since my last blog post

WOW! Has it really been that long? What can I say? December was a blur; 3 shows, 3 out of town trips and not to mention finishing holiday gifts. When January hit I just shut down completely.
Then when I was ready to join the world again I came down with a sinus and bronchial infection, and you guessed it my husband was hit with the same thing about a week later. Now it's almost spring!

Enough of that, let's move forward. This Sunday I'm meeting a few of my creative peeps and wanted to have something for show and tell. So I'm racking my brain trying to come up with a quick project and in keeping with "I'm making more things for myself/home this year. Ta Da ...
a cover for my not so pretty toaster. This was a simple project that clearly has endless possibilities.
I'm not completely satisfied, it needs a little tweaking but will do for now. The fit is a little too loose and it seems wonky? Here's the cool part the awesome birdie applique is a free download from the talented Leah of Sew Spoiled, link here. I want to make another for my mixer :)

One more thing on my mind and I don't want to get too heavy on you but ... the recent economic situation has affected most of us in one way or another. I believe it's important to reach out with support, understanding and encouragement for one another in these tough times. The biggest impact could be a kind word or smile and last time I checked they're still free.

And speaking of free, go check out my friend Jodi Reeves blog she has a fabric give a way!


The Creative JAR said...

Well I knew that you were alive. Cute cover!
Thanks for being you and it has been way too long since you blogger bad girl! But thanks for being my friend and giving me the words I need hear. And remember you already have your free fabric! But I will give you more.....

Wicked MoXie said...

I can't believe it - something new!
I love the toaster cover with the cute little birdie.But now I feel pressure to have something new created too. I have been writing so much that crafting is kind of in the backseat.
Oh well, looking forward to seeing you Sunday.