Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Woodland Shadowboxes

I am loving the woodland theme right now as you can see. So I took a tiny break from making owls for the shadowboxes and have created some silhouettes similar to my woodland pillows. I am only doing these three and they will be at the next Handmade in the Arcade event December 5th.

I wish (okay maybe not) I was doing a nursery, I think this could be the cutest nursery ever!
The woodland shadowboxes and woodland pillows, paint a huge tree in the corner that was home to some little tweets or you know me an OWL!

The event last week end was amazing...not so much as in $$$ but FUN! The weather was intoxicating and the moon was breathtaking. If you have never been to the Art Crawl in downtown Nashville let me tell you you have missed a treat. Tons of art, lots of interesting beautiful people, music plus wine and it all free! How can you go wrong?


jodi of the creative JAR said...

i like the porcupine
the best!

Wicked MoXie said...

your new stuff is so cute!! said...

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Just One More Thing said...

Check out my blog --the nursery you described is there. (Is that a Love your blog and your shadow boxes. Also I think the eyes are perfect--no room for improvement!!