Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nashville Etsy Street Team

We have just had our first Nashville Etsy Street Team meeting this past Saturday with about 15 members present. This is very exciting! I have been on etsy since about November 2007 and honestly haven't had a lot of luck. So I am all eyes and ears to learn "how to" create a better shop and help some of my crafters along the way. Whats etsy you say? What? You have never been to the land of all things created by hand? As soon as you finish reading this go to the etsy side bar and shop! Be sure to go to the Nashville my space @ We also have a flickr account @ /

Be prepared for some major eye candy from this talented group. I'm thinking we all are looking for that special valentine gift for that special somebody. What could be better than a one of a kind item handmade item? I know I have seem several things I would like for myself. Let's go shopping!

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