Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boris is a 120 pound baby

I don't know if you have any pets in your home, but we have 3 dogs, 1 cat and a small fish tank. Right now I am having behavior issues with the baby Boris. Boris is a 13 month old American Bulldog that currently weights about 120 (weight is unsure as when we weight him he tends to lean against the side of the wall). Anywho, recently Boris has taken to biting my feet, ankles, legs etc especially in the morning when I am on the phone. He also has begun to go into the bathroom and open the trash can pulling out the trash to chew on. While I am cleaning the trash mess (which thankfully isn't much) he will pull out the bathroom rug to chew/play with then the towels. Okay I'll just close the bathroom door...problem solved (when I remember to do so). Well then Boris will find amusement in the laundry room, again with the small trash can (mostly discarded fabric sheets and lint) and pulling towels and clothes out to chew/play with. Alright then lets keep the laundry room door closed. Then Boris is off to the kitchen...he can't get into the trash can but will pull any towels down and chew the corner of the dining room rug,pillows in the living room and living room rug. This has been my routine for several weeks now! Oh I almost forgot about the chair arm that now is destroyed. What gives?? He has an abundance of toys, he goes outside whenever he wants. This is driving me crazy and to top it all off when daddy gets home Boris ever so innocent will park his big butt on the living room ottoman and just lay there! What can I do? Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. Just for the record I will not hit Boris I only tell him "wrong", "drop it" and give him something he may chew on. I have to laugh as I type this but it's getting old and I'm tired of this game. HELP!


Jordan said...

What a big, bad, baby! Just hit him one good time and he won't do it again. I know you won't do that though, so I guess you'll have to wait this phase out. Hopefully next time I see you you'll still have two legs!

jen said...

I have an English Bulldog. They are chewing machines! It does get better with time, but my best suggestion is find a toy he ADORES. It makes such a difference, because then that is the thing he chews on. He needs something with texture because he seems to go after cloth, but because he is a bulldog it has to be incredibly strong. Our dog, Harley, loves Cuz toys. They are from Petsmart and kinda werid looking. I hope I am spelling it right. Harley adores the big orange ball with legs and a dragon tail. Lots to chew on. Hope this helps. By the way, I ADORE your bags and hope to get one soon. Am looking at the darling red one on Etsy. Love it!

Kim said...

Thanks for the comments. Special kudos to Jen! You gave some great advice and wonderful suggestions. I wasn't able to find the toy you spoke of but did get two other toys. One is a braided fleece thing that came with a tennis ball that lasted about 10 minutes (the tennis ball part). The other is a kong toy that squeaks and is wrapped with long strings hanging down. I think it's called a Kong wubba?? You may want to try this one yourself as the coving is that really tough material.