Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Favorite Room

This is my favorite room in the house. When we first moved in we had to use this room as our bedroom. The main bedroom was not usable at the time, so we just threw the bed in there and had to put things on hold while we fixed up the real bedroom. This room would be considered the front parlor, it has 2 pocket doors. One set opens to the foyer (our TV room) and the other set opens to the dining room. The room was painted an off white with a hideous light fixture, the only saving grace was the hardwood floors and the huge front window.

Well the room is painted, curtains and shades made and I made a slipcover for the thrift store sofa. The slipcover took me over a month to complete. Our old sofa which was fairly new was not a good fit for the house it was big and more of a southwestern feel to it. But mostly big! So I found this sofa with horrid fabric but could see that it was the perfect size and shape. I think I paid $75 for it. The white (I know WHITE!) fabric is a canvas that may be washed and bleached as needed. The end tables are also a thrift store find. I really really want to paint them white, what do you think? Or maybe a robins egg blue? Any suggestions on this project would be appreciated. I still need art and odds and ends but overall I'm happy. Oh I do have a couple of thrifted chairs to show later. One of which has fell into a battle with Boris. I'll save for another post.

If you didn't comment yesterday go read previous post and comment if you want to play!!! Still have a place for one more.


The Creative JAR said...

Pretty Room!

Shirley said...

paint the tables they don't show up in there..great sofa! good job!

My name is Pam said...

I have the same sofa and was looking for someone to make me a slipcover. How much would you charge to make another one. I'd prefer mine to be longer almost covering the legs. I would purchase my own material. Oh by the way I reside in Nashville also.