Monday, June 16, 2008

Almost there!

Here is a quick update of the works in progress. Hope you like what you see. As you can see the bags that were supposed to be finished are not yet ready, a 48 bug put me down over the week end. Now I must kick into gear and reach the finish line, at least with these bags. The last show I realized my bag inventory was way low and I have a big show this week end! YIKES! As usual there are so many things I want to create and I find myself in the position of picking and choosing. It's a hard choice as I never know what patrons will desire. Some shows it's all about the bags and aprons another show I won't sell any bags or aprons???

I also need advice....this show requires us to set up the day before the event, I have never had to do that before. The event is also 50 miles outside of Nashville. I am concerned about leaving my things out overnight. The promoter said they have never had any problems in the past 12 years of the event and they provide security as well. The bigger issue is the weather, as you know we recently had a terrible experience. They are calling for isolated thunder storms this week end.
The plan is to drop everything, leave it in the bins, cover and weight down, only put the tent up partially. I do not have a tent with sides so we hope this will be enough. If you have any tips or suggestions please leave a comment.

Shameless plug for the event.....this Saturday in Bell Buckle TN the RC Cola-Moon Pie festival
the event runs from 7:00am-5:00pm. Hope to see you there!


The Creative JAR said...

i am doing an anti-rain dance as i type. i truly hope that this event will good since it will be our last for a while. ok well it is getting ready to rain now! love the new bags, can't wait to see them done!

Wicked MoXie said...

the bags rock!!

Most people who do shows like that set up everything, but take their merch home (or secure it)
Sarah Tams does events like that. She told me she leaves her jewelry displayers all set up and then she puts her jewelry back first thing.

Sew Spoiled said...

Awesome work! By the way you have been tagged!
Go to my blog to see what to do.:)

Kelley - JunqueyGal said...

I don't blame you - I wouldn't leave my stuff overnight. Our creations are our babies, and must be well protected.

I did a craft show last weekend and as the weather turned violent, I thought of your post and holding down the tent, lol. Yes, the sides to the tent seemed to be the key. We didn't have them either! Nor did we have big blue tarps - that may have saved us. We did put up the tent the night before, but arrived at 6am (for a 9am start) to ensure that we were unloaded and set up.

GOOD LUCK and hope the weather is kind & the sales good! Despite having a ton of kids clothes, aprons... I only sold purses last weekend, weird how it works...