Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Price of Creating

As you all know I had an event in beautiful Bell Buckle Tennessee this past weekend, and as always I do an after show follow up post. I must say Bell Buckle Tennessee is beautiful and a very scenic drive after you leave I24. I was listening to some Irish tunes and felt like I was driving through the country side in Ireland. The citizens of Bell Buckle are just as pleasant, unbelievable nice. I realize I have been in the city too long, don't get me wrong we have nice people here in Nashville but overall we aren't completely trusting of strangers. The nicest lady I met was my first sale and her name is Martha. Martha is a rare soul that will steal your heart before you know it. She is a giving person that would give the shirt off her back. (Without going into a lot of details let me tell you she offered me her car to drive back to Nashville saying I trust you and know you will return it, as I had some car problems). I love Martha!

The other highlight and I do mean highlight was meeting a flickr friend in person. After months of email communication I finally met Stitchin Sista! She is just as sweet as I imagined. I enjoyed the brief time I spent with her and her daughter. Stitchin Sista is an extremely talented creator that creates the most awesome wallets, bags and she quilts....I really want to pick her brains for tips. Go check her out!

The other positive outcome of the RC Cola/Moon Pie event was my friend Jodi was selected by Webb School to return to Bell Buckle in October. This is huge! Jodi's shemics were a hit, she finally had an audience that appreciates her talent. Recently Jodi had taken a different direction with her art and was questioning her decision and she deserved/needed the affirmation. i've been telling her all along....but will she listen to me? NO! I takes total strangers in Bell Buckle Tennessee to get her to see it. Yep Jodi had a ROCK STAR day and I'm so happy for her.
You Go Girl!

Before I started writing this post I had to go back and read my "Crafter's Conversations"post.
I did not have a good event. It was the worst event financially I have ever done. I keep telling myself I broke even, but I'm not so sure. The bad news that I really don't want to talk about is the fact that my car is still in Bell Buckle, under the watchful eye of Martha. Here is the short version of the story. When I left Nashville it was dark and I had my lights on. When I arrived in Bell Buckle it was light....I forgot to turn my lights off, the battery died. Normally this would be a matter of getting a jump and be on my way, but I drive a very ahead of its time 1991 525I BMW. The problem with this car is when the battery dies the car doesn't allow you to open the doors, hood or anything. After messing with the car for a couple of hours my husband called it quits and said we will go back. So that's another 100 round trip of gas besides the first two trips.

As beautiful and nice as Bell Buckle was I think the event was more of a flea market type of event. Even Stitchin Sista said we were out of place. I did have more people than ever touch and comment about my creations but only sold one handbag, several kids books, a tissue holder, comp book covers and two of my new art pieces. I passed out a ton of cards and let people know where to find me. So we'll see....

The Price of Creating
Booth fee $135 (however this was split)
Gas $100 (remember I had an extra trip)
Sales $140
Taxes $14

Meeting Stitchin Sista priceless
Meeting Martha priceless
Jodi acceptance into Webb School priceless
Beautiful drive priceless

Thank you Stitchin Sista and Martha and congratulations Jodi, you all made the event worth it.
I'd do it all again for you....


Wicked MoXie said...

It sounds like the rain missed you (which is great cause I am not that far from Bell Buckle and we had quarter size hail).
You hit the nail on the head with this post. There needs to be a place that "we" can sell our wares that is looking for what we are selling. Really, there needs to be a group that does nothing but promote and present handmade crafts. Nashville is as ready as any place for this, they just need to be "directed" there.
I'm glad that you have some good memories that will outlast the bad ones.

The Creative JAR said...

There is such a place that we all show at CRAFT: a creative community.
That does all the things that you state!

Siam A.K.A. Stitchin Sista said...

Thank you for the sweet words, Kim!!
The moment you gave me that warmest smile and a
big hug, I was sooo glad I came. (Yes, meeting you was the purpose of visiting the festival, of course! ).
I like shows for that reason. it's not always about money, you do it because you enjoy meeting people...like Martha, especially.

I am sorry to hear about your car. I hope it is all fine now. I admire your optimistic spirit!
And congrats to Jodi!!

Kelley - JunqueyGal said...

Oh man. That just stinks! I hope your DH is a good sport about these things... The best is that you shared your experience with a friend, and made new memories and friends along the way. It is disheartening to have so many oogle our stuff and then walk away. And then pack it all up again!! Your booth is so cool and your stuff amazing!

Let's keep our chins up & our sewing machines humming, and start planning for the next shows...!

Blue Morpho said...

Im sorry to hear you didnt do well sales-wise, but what goes down must come up, so I'm sure you'll do better the next time around.


Kat Eyez Company said...

Hi there! I have featured you on my Craft Friendly BLOG. See your spot here:
Thanks so much!
Katherine Accettura