Thursday, October 2, 2008

CRAFT a creative community event

I have had an awful week of no production! I thought today would be "the day",but my hubby had a list of errands that must be taken care of today. So I am now just getting home and thinking that I'll have to start dinner in an hour so no time to start something :(

I do have a new owl shadowbox to share...the butterflies will still be available but wanted to try something different. The stuffed owl is based on a Japanese Craft book pattern. You can find more owl inspiration here.

During my errands today I found myself at Joann's fabrics and found a brand new line by Heidi Grace Designs. Yes of course I had to have some, it's has a very vintage, retro 60's vibe to it. I may need to go back and get some is on sale!! I'm seeing aprons with this combo, just too cute.

Lastly a shameless plug for the CRAFT a creative community event this Sunday in East Nashville. After this month we will only have one more event this year. So don't miss out and come on to support local artisans/creators.

1 comment:

The Creative JAR said...

I like the HOOT!

Can't wait to see in real life.

Love the new fabric - I think I might have to have you make me something....

Ready as always to get my CRAFT on.