Friday, April 25, 2008

I wanted to pop in to say "hi" and invite anyone the Nashville/Franklin area to the show tomorrow.
I will be showing with the Mamamade group at Lillie Belle's Teahouse in Franklin Saturday April 26th starting at 9:00 am until at least 2:00 pm. The area is about a block form the Main Street event and I have some new goods to offer! White Cottage, The Creative Jar and Par Deux Meres will be under one roof....and if you sign up for our mailing list you will get 10% off your entire purchase!

For our Par Deux Meres launch we are offering the one of a kind "arm art" for the price of $100! Not only is this a substantial savings but you have the chance to get one of the first in the series.

Come by and say hello and check out some of the cool new items.


The Creative JAR said...

the pictures look fab - can't wait till tomorrow - time for some z's

siamsquare said...

I am moving to Nashville area from Memphis next month. Knowing that there are crafty/artistic people like you and your friends gives me a hope in my new life over there... Can't wait to join you guys at shows!
Looking forward to seeing your beautiful pieces your in person.

Nancy said...

I think I could be happy at the white cottage! Love it all- especially the DS apron and desk set! If I ever clean my desk off and make room, I know where to go. In fact , my workspace/office will be getting a facelift soon... you will here from me!

faerie enchantment said...

Love this apron too, the pattern is amazing!

Wicked MoXie said...

Look at all the love. :)

And I will add some- that apron is AWESOME!!!! It must have sold already cause I would have remembered that.
(Suddenly I have been liking orange alot. That is strange for me.)