Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Working and playdate

Have you ever planned a day and the weather just had other plans? Yesterday we (Jodi and I) had big plans to do our craft set up before the show this weekend. We have obtained some new displays and such and wanted to do a test run. The big plan was to set up in the front yard but it was raining and nasty so on to plan "B". What no plan "B"? We have been looking forward to this and very excited so we never thought of anything else. Well we're not ones to let a day spent together go to waste....so PLAY DATE! What do two grown women do on a play date? Let me tell you...HAVE FUN! So we painted (more on that later), played with the dogs (Jodi couldn't stop laughing), cut out Par Deux Meres sacs, ate caramel kisses and drank Chi tea. The only thing we didn't squeeze in was a thrift store visit. But we were having so much fun at the house.

Okay back to the painting. I am the designer, fabric, needle and thread behind the scenes. Jodi is the incredible artist. Yesterday Jodi made me sketch and paint a bag, no excuses she brought the paints and tricked me into cutting the panels. So there we were....well I doodle...the kind of thing kids do. So soon I will premier the first Par Deux Meres sac hand painted by me?!?
I'm so sure you will be able to get it for a very good price, maybe one of my family members will save me the embarrassment of the sac sitting there and purchase it. Before I can finish I need to get some paint and note I did enjoy it! You guys will be the first to see I promise. Just remember to be kind.

I'll leave you with some of the pictures of our play date, note Boris was not in the crate the whole time just when Jodi was taking the pictures. Gracie is the Boston Terrier, Dixie Bell is the Jack Russell (very hard to get a shot, she keeps moving) and Sir Thomas is the fat cat.

Come on out to the show this Sunday, we will be in East Nashville on Woodland street behind the Lipstick Lounge in the parking lot.

Note all pictures taken by Jodi Reeves of The Creative Jar.


The Creative JAR said...

I had FUN on our play date - they are not just for kids!

KHUG said...

Sounds like a great day, wish I could've been there to look over your creative shoulders, and of course to play with the "kids"
Can't wait to see your Par Deux meres artwork! Please let me know the instant it is done!