Thursday, April 10, 2008

New sitter for Boris

If you have been reading my blog then you already know Boris. If not I will catch you up...Boris is our 125 lb. baby, actually he's a 16 month old American Bulldog. Well Boris has been the "problem child" unlike his other 3 siblings that are almost perfect. He doesn't mean to be a problem it's just that he is big (125 lbs) and he thinks he is small and he is still in the puppy phase (it's all about him). Some days he drives me crazy!!! It seems like when I schedule creating time Boris has other plans....pillow fight, pull out the rugs, empty all the trash cans and pull all the towels off the racks in the bathroom and kitchen oh and just for good measure attack mom's feet.

Yesterday as I was preparing lunch I turned on the TV to catch up on what I had recorded, suddenly Boris runs in the living room jumps on the ottoman and plants himself a foot from the TV.
Boris has discovered "The Dog Whisperer"! He sat there watching TV! He looked so cute turning his head and intently involved. He sat there until about 10 minutes after the show and then started following me again with the foot attack game, it was nice while it lasted. Just in case you're wondering, yes I did record the show :) As a matter of fact "The Dog Whisperer" is going to be recored a lot!

My only it okay to let Boris watch TV? What should be the limit? Do I use "The Dog Whisperer" as punishment if he doesn't behave? Let me know your thoughts on this.


The Creative JAR said...

bad mommy

KHUG said...

Awww, I really think Boris is special, and a little television is okay, just don't let him sit too close and ruin his pretty eyes!
Oh, don't forget the puppy popcorn!!