Thursday, September 18, 2008

Erin McMorris Park Slope Patchwork Apron

As promised here is the new apron style....
She features a large pocket, a towel loop and is fun and flirty.
I wanted another apron style besides the ruffled one that people would be more comfortable wearing in the kitchen. But at the same time I wanted it to have my traditional style with a twist!
I think like the ruffled apron this too could/should be worn as a fashion accessory, but is totally at home baking cookies as well.

What do you think? The only suggestion for change was to do a shorter version???
This one measures about 24" long from the waist. Do I need to add another patchwork row?
I'm sure I'll mix it up a little, you never know.

As you know I name, sewing machines, handbags
Any suggestions for this apron or ruffled apron is appreciated.
I think this one has a very casual French Country feel and the ruffled style is more uptown sophisticated. HELP!

I have to go now and whip up some more of these for the Berry Hill event this Saturday in Azalea Park.


Meg said...

I love the park slope fabrics. Great Apron! Meg

Giabella Designs said...

Very nice! I like the simpliciy of it. Not sure about a name for it but I think that you shouldn't change a thing.