Monday, September 22, 2008

A glimpse into my home

Here are some pictures taken in the dining room. This is the real deal staging or cleaning just moments in life. You probably recognize this room, it's the room most pictures are taken in as it receives the most natural sunlight.

It was Saturday afternoon and as I was sitting in the window seat looking into the room listening to my husband play the guitar. I realized how comfortable this room is and we do spend a lot of time in here. We haven't done much to this area since we moved in except paint, make cushions for the window seat and make the window treatments. The window seat is a favorite napping place for both Sir Thomas and Boris. And I have been known to curl up with a book here as well. Overall I'm pleased with the room. I do however want/need a new/old dining room table. Notice I didn't take any pictures of the table. I would like an old empire style round one.
One day....

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