Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yet another new handbag style....

As promised here is the other new handbag style....what do you think? I haven't named her yet but am thinking of continuing with the Tennessee theme, maybe the "Memphis Bag"? It's sort of funky and hip, just like the Memphis scene. Especially the patchwork one.I used Michael Miller's Bohemian patchwork, Michael Miller's Groovey, and the patchwork is Erin Michael ZA ZA. Put it over your shoulder grab some lipsmacking barbecue and then settle in for some grooving blues. My kind of day!

I am feeling the pressure of upcoming events as I am extremely low in inventory. I guess that's what happens when production is shut down for a few months. But it's also satisfying in a whacked sort of way. When I first started selling my goods (less than a year ago) and looked at all the inventory it was scary. What if I did not sell anything? What would I do with all this stuff? Well that's the least of my worries now. The only thing fully stocked is handbags, I have been in a bag making mood lately. But need to move on.

I have considered tweaking my shop to fewer items and narrow my focus. However I like to try new ideas and offer a selection to my shoppers. So I'm sure I'll always have a mish mosh of this and that. Being a one woman show does take it's toll at times though. I work best under pressure and it will all come out in the end.

The last two pictures are of two more Vandie bags, I used a Japanese Alice in Wonderland and Tula Pink Flutterby prints.

Hope some of you will make it to the show this week end and check out the new stuff. If you do and decide to purchase a new bag "Vandie" or "Memphis"? tell me you saw them on my blog and get $5.00 off the bag! Hey that will pay for the gas to get there....

Ooops forgot to mention new bags are in the shop for those out of towners.
Memphis bag willpost tomorrow.


Wicked MoXie said...

I love the memphis bag. It looks awesome in the pics, but I cant wait to see it up close and personal.
Your bags always rock!!!

The Creative JAR said...

I am loving the new bags.
Of course it was nice to get my own private screening this week!
Hate the it was short though and we have not been able to communicate much. However sunday it will be good to our craft on together and hopefully I will have some new stuff to show you.

Oh and the 2nd one was me written all over it.

Karen said...

They are great, I'm partial to the fourth one down (Alice In Wonderland. I just love it!!
Can't wait to see even more. I have such an awesome sister!!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Beautiful bags and I love the tweetie birds too!!!